Book 2: Chilyoja Waypoint || Chapter 3: Leaving the Clan (3)

“Exactly, not many people know this, but recently, Seph retired from her original post and opened a clinic in Chilyoja Waypoint.”

The First Elder stroked his beard which had just begun to whiten. He felt somewhat amused when looking at the agape mouths of the Instructor and Headmistress.

“Why would such a person seclude herself in a rural area such as Chilyoja Waypoint?!”

Lady Seraphim, or as she’s more commonly known, Lady Seph, was famous not only in the Frie Clan but also nationwide. Being one of the top healers in the Himmel Empire, she had served as Chief Physician of the army and once, an Imperial Doctor. If she sincerely wished for it, she could be bestowed a nobility title and retire in luxury and comfort. Thus, learning that she had stationed herself in a rural area such as Chilyoja Waypoint came as a great shock to the Headmistress.

“She has her reasons… But that turned out well in our favour. I’ll be sending Shin to her so that he can learn the ways of a healer.”

When Shin had awakened The Sovereign Koi, the First Elder had already thought of sending him to Lady Seph. Many of the older Frie Clan generations who knew of the threat of The Sovereign Koi, felt apprehensive of training Shin into a Spirit User that could potentially jeopardise the clan. And maybe one day, they would back the Second Elder in his claim and order the execution of the black-haired youth.

To prevent such an occurrence from happening, the First Elder had to show that Shin would not grow up to become a menace to the clan. Hence, he planned to train Shin as a capable healer where his Spirit would pose less of a danger. Now that the environment in the clan had become toxic, the First Elder felt that it was the perfect time to send Shin away to possibly water down the fires.

“Lady Seraphim would accept Shin as a disciple?!”

Someone of Lady Seph’s stature could easily attract some of the most exceptional talents in the land if word got out that she was recruiting students. In fact, the Himmel Imperial family themselves would open up a school so that Lady Seph could efficiently teach her students. However, the old veteran had shown no intentions of accepting disciples, much to the dismay of the empire’s top brass.

“Well, he won’t be an official disciple. He will just be an attendant to her clinic… But that alone is enough.”

The First Elder denied that Shin would become a disciple of that legendary figure. Being an attendant to one of the empire’s most accomplished physician was something that would draw the envy of any Spirit User aiming to become a healer.

“How did you even manage to get Lady Seraphim to agree to this?”

The Instructor rubbed his hairless head as he questioned the First Elder. Although Lady Seph was a friend of the Frie Clan, having her accept Shin was extraordinary.

“Let’s just say that I have leverage… Anyway, since you are so worried about your two proteges, I assume that you would be fine in escorting them out of the mountain.”

Clearing the last drop of tea from his cup, the First Elder stood up calmly and headed to his room, indicating that the discussion was over.

“Of course! Leave it to me!”

“Great. Three days from now, we will be sending a caravan to Chilyoja Waypoint. In addition to sending the two boys there, you will need to protect the goods that will be sent there to sell. Just in case, I will be sending Ines with you.”

Although the Frie Clan secluded themselves ten years ago, it didn’t mean that they had zero contact with the outside world. Very often, they would send convoys to nearby trading ports and cities to trade and purchase items that the clan needs. With Chilyoja Waypoint being so near to the mountain, the Frie Clan trades there at least once a month. The clan even had an anchor store located at the heart of the town.

“Thank you, Elder!”

Bowing his head, the Instructor respectfully saw the First Elder off as he retreated into his chambers. The muscular man had come here with the purpose of dissuading the old man from sending his pupils away, but instead, he got convinced that the First Elder was doing the right thing.

The moment the old man disappeared from sight, the Headmistress sighed and glanced at the Instructor. Somewhat indignant that she had to waste her time following the Instructor.

“See, I told you the Elder has his plans. Junius and Shin will be in good hands.”

“Yeah, it seems that I have worried too much…”

Adjusting her glasses once more, the Headmistress turned towards the exit and gestured for the Instructor to follow.

“We shouldn’t remain here once our business is done. Let’s leave.”

“Hah… You’re so uptight about the rules.”

Sighing, the Instructor followed the stern middle-aged woman out of the First Elder’s abode.


Frie Mountain. Orphan’s abode. Shin and Junius’ lodging.

White clouds began gliding through the black moonless sky an orange glow started to illuminate it. The sun awoke from its long slumber and emerged up from the horizon bringing a blue hue to the lonely atmosphere. Birds tweeted out in unison, singing a peaceful and melodious tune as pheasants could be seen flying unhindered across the mountain.

And on this beautiful morning, a drowsy ten-year-old boy was struggling to keep his elder brother from leaving his wheelchair.

“Junius! You’re not totally recovered yet! Don’t go around exercising!”

“I have been sitting in that bloody chair for the past two weeks! Just give me this morning!”

Shin had been rudely roused out from his beauty sleep at the sound of metallic clanking just outside his door. As he languidly opened his door, Shin saw Junius trying to force himself out of the wheelchair and escape for a morning exercise.

After resting for two weeks, Junius was able to do a majority of his primary functions such as going to the restroom and feeding himself. He could even walk somewhat simplistically for a short period of time. However, he was in no condition to physically drain himself with something such as exercise.

“In the afternoon, we will be taking a trip for god knows how long! At least let me stroll around outside! I don’t want to be stifled any longer!”

Being an exercise junkie, being unable to work out was like torture for Junius. Seeing that he had shown signs of improvement, the youth attempted to sneak in a secret run from his ‘nurse’ that monitored him nearly twenty-four hours a day. Additionally, in the afternoon, they would be leaving the clan. Hence, he might not have another chance to sufficiently stretch his muscles.

“No means no! The doctor said you have to use a wheelchair for at least one month! Leaving it early, especially for exercise is forbidden!”

But Shin was not about to risk Junius’ health for a whim of his.

“Come on! Just this once!”




And thus, the day where the two brothers depart from the mountain began with the usual bickering just like any other day.

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