Book 2: Chilyoja Waypoint || Chapter 26: Lady Seraphim (3)


Shin was speechless. Instead of a healer, he felt that the lady in front of him was a miracle worker. He had heard tales of ancient doctors using their powers to raise the dead and make blind people see. And the phenomenon that occurred was somewhat similar. Although it was not on the same scale, it had a similar impact. Junius was barely able to walk just a few moments prior, but now, he seemed to be as fit as can be.

“So, boy with the Sovereign Koi, do you believe me now?”

The elderly woman put on a pompous smile as she tapped her chest.


“As expected of Lady Seraphim, I thank you for bestowing your graciousness on my unworthy disciple.”

While Shin was tongue-tied, the Instructor’s voice sounded out from the side. He was trying to butter up the old woman as he could tell that she was still quite aggravated. Additionally, he was genuinely grateful that she had spent her energy to heal Junius. The youth was about to enter the mayor’s office. Rather than presenting a half-baked warrior, it was better to show Junius in tip-top condition.

“Was I talking to you, caveman?”


Instead of calming her down, the Instructor’s words only served to add oil to the fire.

“Come to think of it, I’m still rather pissed at Edward. Since he sent a sturdy body such as yourself…”

The old woman spoke in a casual and mellow voice. But to the Instructor, he felt that her words were the whispers of mistress death herself.

“To rid myself of this belly full of hate, just suffer for a few seconds…”

With a wave of her hand, the old woman sent a surge of golden mana straight at the Instructor. The muscular man could attempt to evade but his instincts, hardened over multiple years on the battlefield, advised him otherwise. He felt that if he showed even an inkling of dodging, his fate would be far worse than death.

Gritting his teeth, the Instructor braced himself for impact.


The sound of the Instructor falling to the floorboards echoed through the clinic. Once the resplendent light hit him, the muscular man felt like he was poked with a thousand needles as every pore in his body started to perspire. Convulsing uncontrollably, the valiant Instructor looked like an epilepsy patient suffering from an unprovoked seizure.

A million thoughts and memories flashed through his mind in that few seconds he was on the floor. One particular memory, of the First Elder giving a solemn prayer before handing him the letter, stood out the most. Initially, he thought little of it, but looking back, the Instructor hypothesised that the First Elder knew of this outcome all along.

Shin and Junius started to embrace each other in fear. A Rank 50 Spirit Lord was taken down, just like that.

‘Why is it that the more I see the Instructor in recent days, the more useless he seems?’

Shin mentally worded out while shivering. Back in the clan, he was severely reprimanded by his mother, a frail old lady who seemed to be harmless. And now, he was also taken down by an old woman, but this time, he was suffering in agony.

“Ha… That was refreshing… You were wise not to dodge, young one.”

After releasing a little of her stress, the old woman wiped the sweat off her forehead and complimented the Instructor.

“T-th-thank you, for be-being lenient…”

The Instructor was well aware of the old lady’s capabilities and knew that she had gone easy on him. If she really meant to harm the brawny man, none of his muscles, which he loved so much, would have remained.

“Edward has a good eye! You! Boy with the Sovereign Koi!”

After tormenting the Instructor, Lady Seraphim focused her attention on the black-haired boy who was hugging his elder brother.


“Tomorrow at noon, meet me here! I have some pressing matters to attend to.”

“Yes, senior!”

“Don’t call me that. Since you’re going to be serving *cough* *cough* assisting me, you can just call me Lady Seph.”

“Understood! Lady Seph!”

“Good boy, alright see yourself out!”

Stoking the fine, black hair of Shin, the elderly woman told her guest to leave as she turned around to retreat back into her quarters. The gerbil on her shoulder puffed its cheeks and wagged its leathery tail as it raised its claws to wave the boy goodbye.

“Right! I nearly forgot…”

The woman with a venomous tongue stopped her footsteps as she recalled something.

“Boy with the Sovereign Koi, your name.”

“Hmmm, ah, yes! My name is Shin!”

“Alright, Shin… See you tomorrow.”


Lady Seraphim disappeared into the room with the frosted glass door, leaving the two orphans with a muscular man, who still remained sprawled out on all fours, unmoving on the cold floor.

“Shin… Who was that woman?”

Junius was still gobsmacked at what had occurred. He came to this clinic on the Instructor’s direction but didn’t expect to be healed. He especially didn’t expect to be fully healed with just two words.

“I don’t know…”

“But you are going to be her attendant. Didn’t the First Elder notify you of this matter?”

“Not at all…”

Like Junius, Shin was kept in the dark about this entire matter. He had not even heard of Lady Seph before today, and in just a few moments, he found out that she was going to take care of him.

“I-I can answer that.”

The Instructor, who the two orphans assumed was dead, suddenly raised his right hand up, like a corpse reaching out from its grave. As the holy light entered his body, the Instructor felt like there was an uncontrollable electric current pulsating through his body. Now that Lady Seraphim had left, his body slowly recovered, regained the vitality that he had lost.

“But first, let us get out of here. Since the Lady is busy, we shouldn’t overstay our welcome…”

Pushing himself up, the Instructor headed towards the exit. Who knew if the wacky old woman might have a mood swing and decide to further torture him? Thus, before that could happen, the brawny man elected to make a tactical retreat.

“Lou! You’re alright!”

Exiting the clinic, the Instructor and the orphans saw a tall, middle-aged man standing next to a brunette woman. They wore bitter smiles as they welcomed the Instructor.

“Marshall, you’ve better let me eat all I want at the Paradise Inn. I sacrificed myself for the two of you…”

If Marshall and Ines had followed the Instructor in, they would have most likely suffered the same fate as he did. Having lived in Chilyoja Waypoint for the longest time, Marshall clearly heard the rumours surrounding Yakkyoku Clinic and its owner. Lady Seraphim was well-respected in the community, but her strange temperament was equally famous.

“Definitely, definitely… Come, let me lead the way!”

From his pale expression and lethargic tone, Marshall could guess what had gone down in the clinic. Breathing a tremendous sigh of relief, the tall man decided to thank the Instructor by giving him the royal treatment.

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