Book 1: The Frie Clan || Chapter 23: The First Elder’s Dilemma (4)

“Those in favour of the execution may raise your hands now.”

There were many members on the fence about this issue. On the one hand, the threat that The Sovereign Koi provided was too significant and on another, if they voted to kill the boy, they would be faced with the opposition of the combination of the Clan Master, First Elder and Shrine Maiden. It was not a line-up they were willing to cross.

In the end, the pressure the trio placed on them was too enormous and many who wanted to raise their hands chose not to. But still, around a quarter of the members in the chambers were for the execution of the child.

“Those against it raise your hands now.”

Now, the remainder of the members in the chambers raised their hands.

“Vote has concluded. Motion to execute the boy, Shin, from the orphan division proposed by the Second Elder has failed.”


The First Elder heaved a sigh of relief. He was determined to save Shin’s life. Even if the majority vote wanted to claim the boy’s life, the First Elder would do anything in his means to smuggle Shin out. Thankfully, it did not come to that.


Gritting his teeth in anger, the Second Elder stormed out of the debate chambers. But not before giving a hateful glare to all those present, including the Clan Master.

“Such insolence!”

The Supply Elder claimed. No matter the situation, the elders of the clan, should not openly show disdain to the Clan Master, the highest authority there is.

“Leave him be, Senior.”

The Clan Master, however, did not feel insulted or angry.

As the Second Elder left the debate chambers, many from his faction followed suit. Currently, only half of the members remained.

“Ha… Things sure have escalated quickly.”

A muscular old man with a face void of hair commented. His physique was more suited for wearing armour instead of the casual garb he had on right now.

“Defense Elder… I agree. How did things end up here?”

The First Elder monologues. In fact, the rift between the First and Second Elder had begun long ago. Even without Shin, one day, the situation would have deteriorated until the point of no return. The black-haired youth just accelerated the time taken for the two elders to completely fall out. What gave both the Clan Master and First Elder a headache was, the current division of the clan.

The Second Elder had in his hands, thirty percent of the Frie Clan’s power. Not only did he command many war veterans, but he also managed the trade and various other tasks in the Frie Clan. If he were to stage an open rebellion, although it was highly likely that he would lose, it would further damage the clan’s foundations.

“It’s not your fault senior.”

The Clan Master walked down from her throne to console the First Elder.

“The heavens have its plans. All we can hope for is that the Second Elder manages to contain himself in the coming months. Maybe eventually, his rage towards that child would die down.”

“Maybe, huh…”

“Yeah. Maybe… In the meantime, I would hope that you tighten the security around the orphan’s abode. Better to be safe than sorry.”

“To think that it had to come to that…”

“I’m sure the Second Elder would not openly murder the child. But that being said, what do you plan to do with the boy?”

The Clan Master questioned the First Elder.

“I have a few ideas, but I don’t want to resort to them unless absolutely necessary.”

“Oh? What do you have in mind?”

“I was thinking of sending him to Seph…”

“Lady Seph?!”

The Clan Master shrieked. If you asked her who would she rather face, an army of hundred thousand or Lady Seph, she would desperately choose the army and thank the person for giving her that choice.

“Are you sure you want to protect the kid?”

The middle-aged woman, who abandoned her regal aura for a frightened little girl, questioned the true intentions of the First Elder.

“Haha! I see that Seph still gives you nightmares. Don’t worry, she has calmed down drastically since retiring. But even so, she is still my last resort. After all, I would not save Shin here just to send him to his grave elsewhere.”


Silently, the Clan Master prayed that Shin would not have to come to face the terror that she encountered in her younger days.


Frie Mountain. Orphan’s lodgings.

Junius and Lily escorted the three who had recently awakened their Spirits back into their living area. Eager to make them show their Spirits, Junius dragged them towards the training facility.

“Come on guys! We’re almost there!”

Once they left the Main Hall, Junius forced them to run back. He wanted to see their Spirits as soon as possible.

“E…nou…gh… ”

*Pant* *Pant*

The infinite stamina Junius urged his juniors on. However, the rest of them were out of breath.

“Damn it Junius! Why must we run back? Do you think we are marathon runners or something?!”

Due to the natural terrain of Frie Mountain, there were multiple upslopes and downslopes making the pathways uneven and unsuitable to run. But somehow, Junius was able to effortlessly trek the area like it was on flat ground.

“Don’t be like that! I just want to see your Spirits as soon as possible!”

“Before you get the chance to see them, we will die!”

“Yeah brother Junius, this is too much.”

“Oh my god, why are there stars when the sun is up?”

“Is it just me or is the ground moving?”

Those that ran all the way back started hallucinating due to the lack of oxygen in their brains.

“Come on! Just a few more meters! You can do it!”

Junius, unfazed by the complaints, further encouraged them.

“Junius, as much as I feel your enthusiasm, I need to sit down…”

Even Lily could not keep pace with the madman who ran miles without breaking a sweat.

“There’s no helping it. Let’s rest here for one minute and continue!”

“““You’re bloody crazy!”””

Voices of anguish echoed through the orphan’s abode.

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