Book 1: The Frie Clan || Chapter 21: The First Elder’s Dilemma (2)

“What happened in there?”

After the orphans left the Shrine, Junius questioned the trio. He and Lily were standing patiently outside of the Shrine Room and all of a sudden, there was a loud commotion. Although they were curious, all the chaperones resisted the urge to open the door to check on the situation. A few moments later, the Clan Master opened the door, and copious amounts of water came gushing out, confusing all those who were outside. Furthermore, everyone inside the room seemed like they had been doused in water.

“Hmph! Why don’t you ask Shin!”

Ella snorted and looked at the black-haired youth with an innocent look on his face.

“What? It’s not my fault!”

“If it’s not your fault, whose is it!?”

“It was that stupid fish! I didn’t want to make it rain!”

“Haaah?! Isn’t it your Spirit?!”

“But I wasn’t even conscious when it happened…”

“It’s your Spirit, so it’s your responsibility that we’re drenched!”

Ella and Shin began arguing.

“Wait wait. Back up. Could you tell us every detail, Ella?”

Lost in their conversation, Junius requested Ella to explain the circumstances of the situation.

“Brother Junius! It’s all Shin’s fault! Firstly…”

Ella, wanting Junius to find justice for her, slowly recounted the scenes that occurred in the Shrine Room.

“And that’s why all of us were wet. Shin didn’t even spare the Shrine Maiden who was so busy helping him!”

Once Junius and Lily heard the story, their mouths opened wide with astonishment. The three ten-year-olds had little idea of what a natural phenomenon means but the two of them clearly understood the implications it had.

A Spirit that had undergone the baptism of a natural phenomenon was born to dominate. In the same rank, no other Spirits would stand a chance. It was especially true for the lower ranks. Right now, every child who had awakened their Spirits were Rank 1. If Shin, Ariel, the twins, Tobias and Linus were to fight right now, Shin and Ariel would have a clear advantage. Additionally, a Spirit Practitioner that triggered a natural phenomenon would cultivate up the Ranks a little faster compared to their compatriots.


Lily shrieked. She knew that Shin was the least hardworking amongst every single orphan. And yet, this kid managed to pull off something she thought was impossible.

“Oh my god…”

Junius sighed heavily. Even though he was happy for his little brother, knowing that someone from the orphans had triggered a natural phenomenon when awakening their Spirit meant that more scrutiny would be placed on them. Furthermore, the relationship between the First and Second Elders was not that great. Factoring this in, the number hardships the orphans will face in the future would only increase.

“Anyway, let’s head back first.”

With his left hand holding his forehead, Junius led the orphans back to their lodgings.


Frie Clan. Main Hall Inner Sanctum. Clan Debate Chamber.

In the middle of the inner sanctum, there was a vast chamber. Filled with ornate decorations, the large room seemed too luxurious for its purpose. When one enters the hall, they would be greeted with a bounteous amount of lavish wood grain chairs cosy fittings neatly stacked in rows. And at the end of the pathway, lay a throne. Implementing numerous shades of red, the throne looked like an ethereal burning chair when seen from a distance.


The massive doors of the chambers creaked opened revealing the silhouettes of three people. Leading the way was the most talented member of the Frie Clan and current Clan Master, Enfen Frie. Her earlier clothing, which was thoroughly soaked, had been replaced with a regal red robe with golden dragons embroidered onto it. It was an attire fit for the Clan Master of the Frie Clan.

Following her were the two high elders who were not on speaking terms right now. Their earlier clothing had also been changed immediately into something more appropriate.

The Clan Master took her place on the throne and addressed the two who followed her.

“Seniors, please take a seat. I have called for an emergency meeting. It would probably take them a while to gather here.”



Both the two elders silently walked to their respective seats. The second elder was expressionless and quiet now, but the Clan Master and First Elder know that once the meeting begins, he would have more than a little to say.

After fifteen minutes of waiting, numerous heroic individuals, each more stunning than the other entered the premise. Soon, every single one of the Frie Clan’s most essential personnel had arrived.

The First Elder, Second Elder, Disciplinary Head, Supply Elder, Head Instructor, Finance Elder, Defense Elder, Trade Elder, Mission Elder, Shrine Maiden and some other vital members of the Frie Clan walked through that door. Disregarding the operatives sent outside of Frie Mountain for reconnaissance, the members here were the most influential people currently in the Frie Clan. However, even though the Frie Clan’s full power were present, the chambers were still only a quarter full. It shows how much damage the Clan had been dealt ten years ago.

“I thank you all for coming and apologise for the abruptness of this meeting.”

Seeing that no one else was coming, the Clan Master stood up and addressed the room.

“Do not mention it, Clan Master, it is our duty to obey the luminary of the Frie Clan.”

A slender middle-aged man replied the Clan Master while bowing.

“Anything the Clan Master asks for, we must obey. Coming immediately when being summoned is something that is to be expected from us.”

Another middle-aged woman followed the previous man’s lead.

“Knowing the Clan Master, she would not have summoned us urgently without good reason.”

“Of course!”

Many other higher-ups replied the Clan Master after hearing those words.

“It’s as you have surmised, there is a critical issue that all of you should be aware of.”

The Clan Master validated their suspicions.

“As you all know, today is the Day of Spirits. So I, alongside the two high elders and the Shrine Maiden, participated in the Spirit Awakening Ceremony. The ceremony was a huge success with multiple children awakening great Spirits that will benefit the Frie Clan.”

“Oh, that’s fantastic news!”

One of those in the crowd exclaimed.

“Not only that, when Ariel, the First Elder’s granddaughter, awakened her Spirit, it triggered a natural phenomenon.”


“Is that true?!”

“Hahaha! The heavens are smiling upon us! Congratulations Senior Edward! You must be elated!”

“If we train her well, she can become the strongest combatant the Frie Clan has ever seen.”

“Looks like the Frie Clan would be able to rise again in the coming generation.”

As they heard the news, many of those in the chambers were jubilant. After all, hearing the good news was never bad.

“But Ariel was not the only member to initiate a natural phenomenon.”

The Clan Master resumed talking after the commotion had died down a little.

“Oh my god! Another one?!”

“Are the heavens that kind?!”

Many were already over the moon that one child had a Spirit that triggered a natural phenomenon. But now the Clan Master was saying there was another?

“Yes, he is from the First Elder orphan division. The one named Shin.”

Revealing Shin’s name, the Clan Master brought the black-haired youth into the attention of those present in the sacred chambers.

“The one who beat Linus?”

“Oh ho… Looks like the First Elder’s orphan experiment had paid off.”

The crowd murmured as they heard the news. Though they would have preferred that a blood-related member was the one who awakened a Spirit that triggered a natural phenomenon, having someone from the orphans was not that bad of an alternative.

“But herein lies the problem.”

The Clan Master continued her speech. Before, she was firm and resolute, but now, a slight tremble could be heard in her voice.

“That boy… Awakened The Sovereign Koi…”


A pin-drop silence was left in the room as she made that declaration.

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