Book 1: The Frie Clan || Chapter 6: Second Elder’s Grandson (1)

“Hey, Junius… Was everything the Instructor said true?”

After the first elder abruptly interrupted the Instructor’s class, the orphans were dismissed and were given time to do their respective chores. Currently, it was the end of the day and it was almost time for bed. The headmistress would begin her rounds soon and anyone found awake would face the consequence of her violent broom.

As Shin lazed around in the living room, he questioned Junius who he was sharing an apartment with.

“It seems that everything was just… thrown at us. I don’t know how to feel right now.”

“It’s understandable. When I first heard the lecture, I was blown away by how much bigger the world is and how small we really are. But have no doubt, everything the instructor said is true.”

Junius kindly explained to the lost Shin.

“But it is amazing to think about. Immortality exists. A Spirit User was able to single-handedly annihilate an entire country. And everything else. It just feels so surreal.”


Junius quietly observed Shin as he continued his passionate rant.

“Hooh… Is the slothful Shin finally willing to work hard in training?”

“Haha! I don’t think I would! Training to get to the Immortal realm sounds hard.”

“I knew that would be something you would say!”

The two youths laughed it off.

“By the way did you find the cockroach?”

Junius footsteps abruptly came to a halt. From Shin’s point of view, it seemed that the older brother of his was shaking.

“Hey Shin… I actually missed the days where I lulled you to sleep. You know why don’t we do it tonight?”

“Ha! I knew it! The cockroach was too big! And you had the gall to tell me that I was too old to be scared of roaches!”

“Hey which diabolical god decided to make a cockroach over half a meter!”

“What?!?! Wasn’t it forty centimeters?”

“Don’t tell me…” “You can’t mean…”

“IT GREW?!?!”

The night was long as the Shin and Junius slept together with the fear of being mauled to death by a cockroach.


Morning. Orphan’s Lodging. One day before the Day of Spirits.

“Now that I know that the Day of Spirits is when there is the most abundance of spiritual energy, it feels like there is much more spiritual energy around us.”

Shin made an observation in which he had never noticed before.

“You’re right. As the Day of Spirits comes closer, the density of spiritual energy increases.”

Junius verbally agreed with Shin’s hypothesis.

“Anyway, it’s time for morning practice. Get ready soon.”

“Hey, Junius.”


“If we are going to be relying on our spiritual cultivation soon, why must we practice martial arts? It seems like it would be a huge waste of time. In fact, I rarely see you do any spirit cultivation?”

Shin asked Junius.

Junius looked at his ignorant and lazy friend and gave a soft smile.

“It’s not that I do not practice spirit cultivation. It’s just that you are not exposed to the ways of it. When you awaken your spirit, you will understand. Also, practicing martial arts is essential for spirit arts too.”

Junius patiently explained to Shin.

“There is actually something the Instructor left out from his explanation the other day. Awakening your spirit takes a huge toll on your body. If your physique is not strong enough, often awakening your spirit would severely damage your body. That’s why there is an age limit in the Himmel Empire for people to help their kids awaken their spirit.”

“Additionally, what if you awaken a spirit like mine which specializes in close-quarter combat?”

Shin looked at Junius with dubious eyes and told his roommate.

“Do I look like I would awaken a spirit like yours?”

“Hahaha! Unfortunately for you, your spirit is not determined by how lazy you are.”

“Then again Junius, what determines my spirit?”

“There are an array of variables. The most predominant one being your family background. For example, look at Ariel. Her grandfather’s spirit is the Ember Fire Whip. Hence, there is a high chance that Ariel would awaken it as her spirit. Of course, it is not definite as she could also awaken another spirit but her element is all but confirmed. You know, because she was born into the Frie clan, a clan blessed by the fire elementals.”

A cold chill went down Shin’s back as he imagined Ariel with the same whip that the first elder had.

“Let’s hope that won’t be the case…”

“So Shin! You still have to practice martial arts! Let’s start with ten laps today!”

“Are you trying to kill me?!”

Shin exclaimed as Junius casually tossed a training regime that was impossible for the weak and feeble Shin.

“Hey, Junius! Shin!”

As if trying to save Shin from his inevitable fate of running laps around the training room, a voice echoed through the orphan lodgings.

A dark blue haired youth with her hair tied in a ponytail could be seen running in the direction towards Junius and Shin.

“Lia? What are you doing here this early?”

“Junius! There’s trouble! Lily and Ryner are be confronted by five members of the Second Elder’s youth faction!”


Junius face instantly darkened.

“Why are they over here in the orphan’s division?”

“I don’t know… Junius you have to hurry. When I left them, Ryner seemed to be unable to hold back anymore. Some of those who came were in the Spirit Apostle realm and I fear that Ryner might…”

Lia was unable to mouth her concerns as she feared for the worst.

“Understood, I will head there immediately. Shin, you stay here, it’s too dangerous. Lia, lead the way.”

Lia started running with Junius just by her side.

“It’s starting to become troublesome…”

Shin thought to himself as he sighed.

“I guess I should go too.”

Shin realized that even if he was included into the mix, he would have no effect in the outcome of the confrontation between those from the Second Elder’s faction and the orphans but nonetheless, he wished to provide even the little bit of support for his ‘family.’

Shin hastily trailed in the direction where Junius and Lia left.

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