Book 1: The Frie Clan || Chapter 4: The Day of Spirits (3)

The three ten-year-olds nodded their heads as they slowly tried to comprehend the bombshell that was dropped on them.

“There is a way to achieve immortality using our spirits?!”

Shin thought to himself. Before, he had little interest in the awakening ceremony and just decided to go with the flow. However, the concept of having eternal life seemed novel to him.

“Imagine all the things I could do if I lived forever!”

Unable to hold back, Shin decided to question the Instructor.

“So instructor, how does someone achieve immortality?”

The Instructor smiled and answered the curious Shin.

“Of course when the Spirit User reaches Rank 100! It might seem straightforward but most people in their lifetime don’t even reach Rank 20. In fact, in the long history of mankind, there are only nineteen recorded Spirit Immortals. The last Spirit User to ascend into the realm above was Spirit Immortal Dream who ascended over five centuries ago.”

“Well, that’s enough of the Day of Spirits. When the day comes, you will be able to experience the Spirit Awakening ceremony for yourselves. Right now you will need to understand what happens after you awaken your spirit.”

“Junius! Ryner! Lia!”


“Summon your spirits!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The three youths who were called stepped forward and answered the instructors call.

Spirit energy was gathered by the three of them, and Junius released a surge of blue energy that took form in the shape of a sword. The sword had no guard and was comprised of only the blade and handle. With a majestic blue aura covering the sword, the blade looked gentle but yet deadly if someone were to come too close.

Ryner’s spirit also released a surge of blue energy. The blue energy condensed itself and took the form of a little salamander. Although it looked cute, its viciousness was exposed by the violent look in its eyes.

Lia’s surge of spirit energy condensed into a harmless looking Cyan Hyacinth that floated just above her hands which were clenched together.

“As expected, Junius summon time is impressive as always.”

The Instructor gave an honest assessment of the youth’s summoning technique as smiled in approval.

“Thank you, Instructor!”

Junius gave the instructor a bow as he received the compliment.

“Work hard. You are the first Spirit Apostle among the Orphans, and if you do not want to be surpassed by your juniors, you must continue to push yourself.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Alright! Shin, Ella and Emma listen here!”

“““Yes Sir!”””

“As demonstrated by your seniors, spirits can take various forms. Some may be in the form of a weapon, some may be an animal and others might be plants. Generally speaking, the awakened spirit will not differ much from anything that can be found in the real world. And the reason for such a system is that the spirit realm is dependent on the real world.”

“Not much is known about the spirit realm. Some scholars even doubt its existence. However, what is true is that the ancestors who first contracted a spirit did so quoting the spirit realm.”

“Junius! Demonstrate your first ability!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The Instructor called out to Junius to showcase his ability. Junius closed his eyes to concentrate as he raised his sword.

“Junius is gathering spiritual energy!”

Ella gasped in a low voice. Emma and Shin nodded in response to Ella’s remarks.

After three seconds, Junius’ awakened spirit, the water blade, started to glow in blinding blue light. With a strong thrust, Junius’ water blade started extending at blinding speeds as it rushed to a nearby tree. The extended blade pierced through the tree as if it did not exist and further extended to another tree. The blade only stopped after it left five such trees with a hole on its trunk as the blade lost its form and turned into water.

“That is my first spirit ability. I named it Pierce.”

Junius gave a casual introduction to his ability.

“Well done Junius. Now, this is the first ability that you would awaken with your spirit awakening. Unfortunately for you, you do not get to choose your spirit or your first ability. Ryner show your first spirit ability!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Ryner stood forward and mentally ordered his spirit forward. He gathered spiritual energy as he focused on the tree in front of him. With a soft voice he murmured:

“Acid Ball.”

The salamander spewed out a small ball of clear liquid which seemed harmless. However, the results showed that the little ball of fluids was far from safe. As the ball touched the tree, the liquid flowed from the point of contact to the bottom of the tree as smoke began to form. The tree bark started to melt and eventually, the tree lost enough of its trunk to begin to lose its balance. In the end, the tree fell.

Visually, Ryner’s ability was more visually shocking as he fell an entire tree while Junius just put a small hole through a couple of trees.

“Nicely done. Going by the amount of acid you produced I assume you broke through to Rank 9?”

The Instructor asked Ryner.

“Yes, Sir! I broke through a few days ago!”

Ryner was initially surprised that the Instructor could tell his rank just by his first ability but made no point to lie.

“Congratulations! When you reach the peak of rank 9 and require a skill to break through to reach Spirit Apostle do tell me immediately. I will arrange for it to be done.”

“Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

“Now Lia!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Lia followed her two seniors lead and gathered spiritual energy into her spirit that was resting on her two hands. The Cyan Hyacinth started to glow in a light blue colour as small vines started curling around the flower. Although beautiful, it was the least awe-inspiring ability.

“I call this ability aquatic vines. Right now I am currently on land hence I can’t show its true power but believe me it is ten times stronger when I am in contact with water! Furthermore, I’m only Rank 4!”

Lia cried at her poor performance compared to her two seniors. The instructor gave a bitter smile as he thought to himself:

“Maybe it’s too soon for her to demonstrate her ability. I should have asked Lily instead.”

Since Lily and Lia had the same plant-based spirit, the Instructor opted for Lia to boost her confidence by demonstrating her ability in front of her juniors. It turned out that it backfired on him as Lia’s spirit was still premature.

“Lia. It is sufficient that you gained three ranks in a year. You can always improve your ability, but spirit cultivation is equally as important.”

It was true. Both Junius and Ryner gained on average three ranks per year with Junius only reaching Rank 11 because he had to break through to become a Spirit Apostle. Even in the Frie clan, it was a cultivation speed that was above average. It was a testament to the first elder’s commitment and the Instructor’s training prowess that the Orphans could grow this quickly.

With Lia keeping pace with them, it was an ideal situation for her. But the performances of her two seniors left her downcasted and unknowingly, the instructor remarks drilled the final nail in the coffin as Lia dejectedly sobbed her way into the training room.

The other kids who remained looked at the instructor with contempt as their eyes said everything they wanted to voice but could not.

“You made her cry…”

“*Cough*… On to the next topic…”

The instructor gave a light cough to change the subject as the eyes that landed on him made him uncomfortable.

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